D. Humphries, Author

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Home of D. Humphries, author of books in the Crime/Mystery, Cop/Drama and Mystery/ Thriller genre’s.  She has only just begun to weave her tales so sit back, grab a cup of coffee and enjoy a book or two!

Get to know Connor and Olivia as they solve crimes in Summit Springs, South Carolina, in the Cole and Hudson Series (cop/drama).  He’s a cop and she’s a detective tasked with keeping him in check along with assisting in solving crimes.

Soon to be released is the first book in the Wilkins and Silver Series (crime/mystery) titled “The Perfect Murder.”  Ray and Maddie, Detectives, are out to solve crimes in the suburbs of Dallas.  Their first case involves a not-so-nice (nor brilliant) man who thought he could get away with it all and never look back!

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