Cole & Hudson Series

Follow Connor and Olivia as they solve crimes in Summit Springs, South Carolina.  He's a cop and she's a detective tasked with keeping Connor in check along with assisting in solving crimes.  The old south is the perfect backdrop for random crime...mobster, political hate groups, random shooters...this town has it all.


Wilkins & Silver Series

Ray and Maddie are both detectives who have one job...solve crimes by tracking down the bad guys, arrest them or send them to their ill-fated doom.  The Dallas suburbs provide a picturesque, quaint environment where the unexpected might happen and usually does. 


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Coming Soon

Some of the best short fiction books I’ve read in a long time.  It really feels  as if you are watching those cop dramas where partners got on each other’s nerves but worked together to catch the bad guy.  It has an almost nostalgic feel to it.  There are twists and turns in all the books to keep you hooked.  The characters are extremely likeable, the pacing is smooth and the books are easy reading.  I will definitely be following this author.

Debra Tolliver

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​Books 1 - 3

Pursuit of Justice